Interested in becoming a Knight?

The August Knights is an organization composed of individuals who share unquestionable integrity, high ethical standards, similar interests, and generally outstanding characters. We are always on the lookout for people who share our interests, and, of course, demonstrate the traits of an August Knight. If you are interested in being knighted, we encourage you to get involved with our organization by gaming with us and bantering with us in our forums. This allows us to get to know you. More importantly, however, it allows you to get to know us! Also, make sure you agree with our rules.

   August Knights Rules

The rules that the August Knights live by apply not only to our behavior in online games, but our behavior on the internet in general (and, it is hoped, in everyday life). As long as a Knight has the [AK] affixed to his name, he is expected to represent the organization in a way that will not tarnish its name, but rather bring honor and dignity to it. The rules are as follows:

     An August Knight will not . . .

hack or cheat in any way.
attack others unless in defense of themselves or the August Knights.
impersonate others.
spam, cyberbomb, or threaten others.
repeatedly use obscene or offensive language.

     An August Knight will . . .

honor and respect others, particularly fellow Knights.
defend the honor of the August Knight's name and its membership.
exercise his right of free speech; no Knight should ever feel as though his opinion cannot or should not be expressed.
remain ever vigilant against those who seek to subvert or otherwise destroy the organization.
take it upon himself to improve the organization in any way he can.
be at least 21 years of age.

Members who ignore or defy the rules will have their memberships terminated.

To proceed to the August Knights membership application, please verify that you agree with our rules.

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