September 2001

   Thursday, September 20, 2001

RivaTuner v2.0 RC7 Available  12:42 PDT | [AK]Zorro
The next release candidate of RivaTuner 2.0 is available for download today. Alex has provided us with a couple of bugfixes and additional features, chief among these is the support for nVidia's Detonator XP drivers.

<editorial>RivaTuner is a great and lightweight tool for optimization of your nVidia-based video card and includes support for overclocking your display adapter, even in Windows 2000 (a big plus for me). The UI is nice and clean, as well, and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great tweak utility.</editorial>

As with all tips, tricks, and downloads that you might get from this site and any other resources belonging to the August Knights, this comes with no warranty whatsoever. Whatever [stupid] thing you decide to do with your property is your responsibility. Improper implementation of any hardware/software modification that we point out is neither recommended nor condoned by the August Knights. In short, if you break it, it ain't our problem.

So what are you waiting for!? Go download it already!

Next Detonator XP Just Around the Corner?  12:25 PDT | [AK]Zorro
Amid concerns over stability, performance, and image quality degradations reported by users of the Detonator XP 21.81, nVidia's Derek Perez has indicated that they are aware of the problems and are working to fix them. As quoted at Maximum Rebot, Derek said that, "...there are a number of issues that have been reported with Detonator XP and we are addressing those issues. When we are ready we will be posting another WHQL certified driver." (Wait a minute...did someone tell Derek that their first DetXP driver WASN'T WHQL?)

In any case, the news that the new driver will be WHQL certified could be bad news for gamers anxious to get their hands on the new features of the driver, but are having too many problems to actually run them. Microsoft's WHQL certification can take weeks and even months to go through all the proper hoops and receive Microsoft's stamp of approval.

In other nVidia driver bad news, it seems likely that nVidia has indeed plugged their driver "leak", meaning that gamers will be less likely to see interim releases of the chip manufacturer's drivers. Sources have indicated that M3DZone had been the source of the drivers-in-progress until a few weeks ago, when nVidia apparently uncovered the leak. Up to just a few days ago visitors to the M3DZone website were greeted with a page explaining that the site was down due to "legal problems". Sources at M3DZone and nVidia could not be reached for comment.

   Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Knights Move to Rung 30 in TWL  23:01 PDT | [AK]Zorro
The August Knights managed to achieve rung 30 in the TWL 12 Man CTF Ladder tonight, with a solid win over the seasoned Insomniax tribe. The first map of the evening was Dessicator, played on the August Knights Tourney server. [AK]The Beast played a stunning game as the HoF racking up 29 points and 17 kills overall, leading the AK defense to an impressive showing. Insomniax made 15 grabs of the flag and put up some staunch opposition with their defensive squad, but the Knights were able to convert 5 of their 11 grabs to cap out, making the final score 511 to 15 in favor of the August Knights. Other scores of note include [AK]Jackle with 23 points and 10 kills, [AK]NeverRetreat with 22 points and 10 kills, [AK]Zorro with 16 points and 12 kills, [AK]Squidly with 14 points and 4 kills, [AK]Palooka with 11 points and 10 kills, and [AK]SolarWolf with 10 points and 6 kills. Insomniax scores of note include *IX*Grand-pa with 17 points and 9 kills and *IX*MeatHoook with 13 points and 11 kills.

The teams went on to face off in Death Birds Fly, which was, again, played on the August Knights Tourney server. Insomniax played an excellent defensive game, smacking AK cappers 11 out of 13 attempts. Additionally, IX was very effective in vehicle usage on the map, using both tanks and bombers to soften the Knight defense. It was a tough match, fought the bitter end, but the Knights were able to emerge victorious with a final score of 110 to 213. Scores of note include [AK]Jackle with 19 points and an impressive 15 kills, *IX*GhengisKat with 17 points and 7 kills, [AK]Palooka with 16 points and 8 kills, and [AK]Zorro with 15 points and 14 kills.

The August Knights emerge from this match with a 2-0 record, while Insomniax fall to 2-6.

Teamwarfare new map schedule  7:35 PDT | [AK]NeverRetreat
The folks over at TWL have posted the new map introduction schedule. The maps are from the Unamed map set and the last set of maps by Dynamix.

Tombstone has been removed from the T2 CTF rotation due to a clipping bug in the map. Four new maps will be added to the T2 CTF rotation at the rate of one every Four weeks, as follows:

September 23 - Pantheon
October 21 - Pandemonium
November 18 - Erebus
December 16 - Bolder Dash

For more information you can check out Teamwarfare's site at

   Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Insomniax vs. August Knights Ladder Match Postponed  7:12 PDT | [AK]Zorro
In light of the ongoing, inhuman tragedy in the US, Insomniax and the August Knights have chosen to postpone our TWL 12-Man CTF ladder match until next Wednesday, September 19, at 9:30PM EDT.

Once again, I would like to express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those affected by this cowardly and unjust attack on the most innocent members of our society. There is no excuse and no justification for this dastardly act. I would encourage each of you to, at the very minimum, go to a local blood center and donate blood. My understanding is that the need will reach far into the coming months, so don't think that just because you can't get in today or this week that you shouldn't try in coming weeks or even months. Additionally, I would ask, whatever your belief system might be, that you remember the souls of those who have departed and ask for comfort for those who are survivors of this event in your prayers. May God bless our wounded nation. And may God bless all of you.

   Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Condolences  19:34 PDT | [AK]TheBeast
On behalf of the August Knights, I'd like to express my deepest sympathies and condolences to those wounded and killed in today's horrible attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, as well as their friends and families. All of the August Knights, the United States, and the world share in your pain. Your losses will not be forgotten.

   Monday, September 10, 2001

nVidia Delivers!  14:06 PDT | [AK]Zorro
>> UPDATE 14:54:46 PDT: Whew, got unbroken Win2k/XP drivers up now, so the link below should work. The NT drivers are still not available. I'll get 'em up when I get home...<<

>> UPDATE 14:39:49 PDT: Apparently, the drivers that I had posted were corrupted straight from the source. I've managed to locate an uncorrupted copy of the 9x driver, but I've taken down the others to prevent problems. Check back at this page for further updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.<<

That's right folks, the greatest thing since sliced bread for your GeForce2 and GeForce3 (mostly) video cards has been delivered by our best friends in the 3D biz: nVidia. Detonator 4 version 21.81 became available for download just moments ago, but since the bandwidth for every other major driver distributor is utterly clogged at this point, I've made these drivers available for download from

Windows 9x
Windows NT
Windows 2k/XP

nVidia had this to say about their latest advance in driver technology:

The NVIDIA DetonatorTM XP Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) delivers new performance optimizations and features in both DirectX® and OpenGL®, offering industry-leading performance, visual quality, and high reliability in the industry’s only true integrated software upgrade. Detonator XP provides a free performance upgrade for your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), including the TNTTM, GeForce2TM, and GeForce3TM families of GPUs. Detonator XP also offers full hardware and software acceleration for Windows® XP, the next-generation operating system from Microsoft®, enabling the best digital experience for Windows XP Home Edition and Professional users.

Detonator XP software provides a 30-to-50% increase in performance for all NVIDIA GPUs in both DirectX and OpenGL Application Programming Interfaces (API). In addition, Detonator XP software exposes new hardware acceleration for Windows XP, enabling new features such as 3D textures and shadow buffers.

Release Highlights for DetonatorTM XP v21.81:

Performance increases of up to 50%
Highly optimized DirectX® and OpenGL® pipelines
New OpenGL 1.3 ICD with NVIDIA extensions
Full hardware acceleration of Windows XP, including:
Fastest Windows XP 2D and 3D performance
NVIDIA XPress link
Full hardware acceleration for the new Windows XP graphical user interface
NVIDIA’s patented Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) – all products supported in single driver binary

check our forums for feedback on performance and features enhancements.

   Wednesday, September 5, 2001

AK Server Changes  23:29 PDT | [AK]Zorro
Just a quick note to all those that frequent our ultracool Tribes2 Servers. Basically, I've made a couple of changes in the last few weeks that you'll need to know about in order to actually play here. First, I've installed the TWL Unamed Competition Map Pack, which does require clients to download and install. The download link for the map pack is You'll find some good stuff in there if you're interested.

Additionally, I installed the last gift from our fallen friends of Dynamix, the Dynamix Final Map Pack. Here's what Craig Maitlen, Tribes 2 Art Director, had to say about these new missions:

"These missions are the creative effort of five people with the help of the entire Dev team to bring them to where they are now. Basically, these maps came about after the art team was finished with the shipping of Tribes2. The encouragement from Dave Georgeson to see what the art team was capable of doing, and our own desire for more cohesive design in the maps, fueled the design process. The process we created became very efficient and showed success quickly."
In any case, be sure to check these maps out at

Lastly, I have installed the bwadmin mod on all our servers, giving us a little tighter control on our well-regulated servers. This is good for matches as we can now delegate administrative rights where a bug in the current version of the base server was preventing us before. In any case, we look forward to seeing you on the servers.

TWL challenge set for September 12  7:56 PDT | [AK]Bribo
Wednesday, September 12th will be the next Team Warfare League match with the brave and noble August Knights (1-0) challenging the veteran Insomniax (2-5) for possession of rung #24 of the Tribes2 12-Man CTF ladder. Maps to be played are Dessicator, Death Birds Fly and Slapdash. For more details check out the TWL website (

   Monday, September 3, 2001

Happy Labor Day  8:03 PDT | [AK]TheBeast
On behalf of myself and all the August Knights, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day! Enjoy your day off, everybody!

   Saturday, September 1, 2001

August Knights take rung #36 on TWL 12 man CTF  17:19 PDT | [AK]NeverRetreat
The August Knights were awarded rung #36 today after a forfeit was called by Teamwarfare League admin Harpoon. The August Knights challenged Order of the Talon. OT is old school and highly competitive with over 2 years of competition experience. It is unfortunate this happened, and we wish OT continued success in ladder competition.

Squidly promoted  17:04 PDT | [AK]NeverRetreat
The August Knights promoted Squidly to team Recruiter. As such, Squidly has responsibility for recruiting and working with our recruits who are looking at becoming an August Knight. Congratulations Squidly!

SolarWolf promoted  16:49 PDT | [AK]NeverRetreat
I would like to congratulate our newest captain on the defensive side...SolarWolf. SolarWolf brings a strong Tribes background, and he will provide excellent leadership for the team.