June 2002

   Wednesday, June 19, 2002

AK "Kicks it Up a Notch" for Neverwinter Nights  10:33 PDT | [AK]Zorro
Sorry, Emeril...but it is indeed true that the [famed] August Knights will be embarking into yet another online game in the coming days... NWN has really sparked some interest around here. We're all looking forward to a highly-interactive 3D environment that preserves the feel of the old school pen and paper D&D parties. We'll likely have a couple of servers available run by the same good guys that brought you jackass-free T1 action and are still going strong with jackass-free T2 action on our servers today. Look for announcements on our forums either today or tomorrow that will serve up all the details on our new NWN servers. Interested in joining the club that's been going on strong since 1997? Feel free to fill out an application, and we can get you started on your way to becoming a Knight...