May 2002

   Monday, May 13, 2002

AK -vs- UserFriendly  6:57 PDT | [AK]Squidly
The Knights dropped another close match last night to clan UserFriendly. The first map was Beggars Run. After a late cap by -UF- tied the game at 1-1, the Knights won the map in overtime. -UF- rebounded to take Pandemonium 2-0, and sealed the deal on Boss, 5-3. Next up for the August Knights is a challenge by Smile of the Phoenix.

   Friday, May 3, 2002

Hard Fought...  5:32 PDT | [AK]Squidly
The August Knights lost a tough CTF-7 match last Wednesday to Clan Undulate. After AK put together a promising 3-1 win on Katabatic, ]U[ pulled together to take Slapdash(x) and Minotaur. "Good Games" go out to Clan Undulate. The August Knights look forward to the next time we meet on the field of battle.