April 2002

   Sunday, April 21, 2002

Knights Win  20:41 PDT | [AK]TheBeast
The August Knights won their 7-man Capture the Flag match against the Peacemakers tonight in TWL action. The first map went to the time limit, but the August Knights hung on to win 4 caps to 2, thanks in part to an amazing 43 kills by [AK]Palooka. The entire team was firing on all cylinders in the second map, especially [AK]Devil Dog, who did a great job in midfield of making sure the Peacemakers' flag got capped six times for a 6-0 cap out victory. The August Knights hold on to rung #39 on the 7-man ladder with a record of 5-4. The Peacemakers remain at rung #50, with an even 6-6 record. Congratulations go out to them for a well-played match, and we look forward to meeting with them again.

   Saturday, April 20, 2002

Tough match  6:10 PDT | [AK]Squidly
The August Knights lost another tightly contested match last Sunday to team Evolution. The first map was Riverdance, and AK took it 2 caps to zero. eVo rebounded to win the next round on Beggars Run. After going 0-0 in regulation, eVo managed to cap and put the match into a third map. eVo finished the August Knights off on Drifts, winning 1 cap to zero. GG's eVo... we salute you.

   Friday, April 5, 2002

Big Thank You  6:14 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
Goes out to TTY Licker from [TKB] who came through the other night on extremely short notice and hooked us up with his server so the August Knights could play a match. Thanks again, we owe you!!!

GG's  6:10 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
Another night of great action with our friends WoR. The scrimmage maps were Deadly Bird Song(x) and Woody Myrk(x). The WoR group is a top notch group of guys. The August Knights are honored to be able to call them friends.