March 2003

   Saturday, March 22, 2003

Rocks Inducted Into Squires  21:03 PST | [AK]Palooka
Rocks has today made great progress in his quest for Knighthood by being unanimously selected as an August Squire. I wish him good luck in his tenure as Squire and hope to see him in the August Knights soon.

   Monday, March 17, 2003

GunnyHighway, Choozoo, and StitchJones Knighted  20:09 PST | [AK]Palooka
The August Knights today welcome three new Knights to the fold. This trio of high-calibre candidates made outstanding Squires, frequently demonstrating their AK-style leadership, character, and enthusiasm. I know they will all make great additions to the Knighthood. May they wear their [AK] tags with pride and dignity for many moons to come.

Please congratulate them in the forums.