November 2002

   Saturday, November 30, 2002

Knights Moving Up!  15:41 PST | [AK]Bribo
The Knights are again on the move taking rung #10 on the TWL BF1942 ladder over The Elder Knights on 11/25. The Elder Knights put up a good fight but AK eventually won out in a hotly contested battle. Kudos to the fighting spirit of AK and the good gameplay and sportmanship of TeK.

   Tuesday, November 19, 2002

AK Takes Rung #15 in BF1942  17:58 PST | [AK]Bribo
A well fought match was played on 11/16 featuring the August Knights battling the Order of the Subotai in intense Battlefield 1942 action. The Subotai put up a mighty defense on Stalingrad and Kursk but eventaully fell to the victorious Knights in the end. Thanks for the great games Subotai. Good luck on the ladder!

   Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Hale Named Senior Squire  6:54 PST | [AK]TheBeast
It is with great pleasure that I officially name [AK?]Hale to the position of Senior Squire. The Senior Squire offers guidance and leadership to the other squires, and assists the recruiting officers and Secretary of War. Please join me in congratulating Hale in the forums.

   Saturday, November 9, 2002

StitchJones Becomes a Squire  10:22 PST | [AK]TheBeast
StitchJones has been officially granted membership in the August Squires. On behalf of the August Knights, I wish to extend my official congratulations and wish him the best as he continues along the path to Knighthood.