November 2001

   Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Badwill Knighted  16:33 PST | [AK]Palooka
[AK]Badwill has today become an August Knight, and is henceforth bestowed with all the priviledges and amenities entitled to a member of the Knighthood. Please congratulate him in the forums.

   Saturday, November 17, 2001

Heavy Offense Tryouts  8:29 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
Thats right, Heavy Offense tryouts Tuesday night November 27th at 9:00 PM EST

I'll be conducting tryouts for all those who are looking to be Base Rapers and Heartbreakers just like me. Do you have what it takes? Can you rain down terror from above? I'll be evaluated your skills in;

Route selection
Disc Jumping
Mortar spamming
Base Raping

Maps to include: Damnation, Boss and Katabatic (if you need practice)

Sign up starts now and are open to all Recruits, Squires and Knights. Do you have what it takes? If you have any questions contact me anytime.

Tribes 2 Match Sunday 18th 9:00 PM EST  4:37 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
August Knights were challenged by All Gunz Blazin this past week. Match is this Sunday at 9:00 PM EST for our Teamwarfare 12 man CTF ladder rung #28. Maps include Pandemonium, Desiccator and Reversion is the tie-breaker map.

   Thursday, November 15, 2001

Sentinals Win  10:38 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
Sentinals are moving up. Last night they defeated August Knights on Archipelago and Reversion. Sentinals set the tone of the match with a quick early cap on Archipelago and never looked back. Good group of guys and we wish them continued success on the ladder.

   Tuesday, November 13, 2001

TWL Map Changes  10:24 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
TWL Map Changes Written by Vlasic

Effective right now, Archipelago is no longer in the TWL T2 map rotation. It has been replaced with Bolder Dash, another vehicle map. Also, we will be adding new maps to the rotation at the rate of one every 2 weeks or so. Among the maps being added are Boss, Woody Myrk, Insalubris, No Shelter, and Drifts. We'll keep you posted when each map will be added.

   Monday, November 12, 2001

Map Generator Changes  14:05 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
Picked this up over on the Teamwarfare site.

Map Generator Changes Written by Polaris

We have upgraded the map generator code as of yesterday. At this point, the random map selector will exclude maps from the previous match (maps 1 and 2 only) in the selection process.


Team 1 played Desiccator and Reversion in the last match with Damnation being the TB.
Team 2 played Riverdance and Slapdach in the last match with Beggars Run as the TB.
Team 2 challenges team 1.
Team 1 chooses Sanctuary as the TB.
The randomizer will exclude Desiccator, Reversion, Riverdance, Slapdash, and Sanctuary from the selection list.
Any comments or concerns with the changes should be directed to our GENERAL forum.

Thx to Triston for doing a great job updating the code for this.

Thanks to Mark of the Beast  6:36 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
Big thanks goes out to Mark of the Beast for last night's scrimmage. On short notice they gave us the opportunity to practice Reversion with them. Great job to all who were there. Thanks again!

   Friday, November 9, 2001

Sunday November 11th Practice  12:17 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
Practice begins at 9PM EST on tourney server. We'll be using our backup TS server for communications. This practice is closed session and is only available to Knights, Squires and invited recruits. Contact me via, email or PM on any challenge to making this practice.

   Thursday, November 8, 2001

Recruits and Squires practice tonight  9:22 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
Thursday November 8th at 9PM EST I will conduct a recruit and squire practice. This is for one hour only, any further practice is optional. Recruits should be on Teamsound (see forums) prior to joining server. Contact me immediately with any challenges to attending.

TWL Match vs The Sentials  9:17 PST | [AK]NeverRetreat
Challenges have plagued this match since last month, but finally it is scheduled for this coming Wednesday November 14 at 9:30PM EST (6:30PM PST). Thanks to Syndicate_X for his efforts to reschedule.