Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Four New Squires Inducted  8:33 PST | [AK]Palooka
After long tenures with the August Knights WoW guild, Azalyn, Mydrial, Osred, and Sedious have all earned their places in the August Squires, where they will prove their mettle on their journey to knighthood. Please congratulate all four new squires in the forums!

   Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beaker and Swae Knighted  13:19 PDT | [AK]Palooka
Today is a milestone for the August Knights. Never in our ten year history has a woman served in the knighthood, but two women have now joined our prestigious ranks. May [AK]Beaker and [AK]Swae serve the August Knights with dedication, distinction, and feminine sensibility for years to come.

Please give them their well-earned congratulations in the forums.

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